Anthony Head;

I’m so so sorry about how long it is taking for me to get a new laptop and continue posting. Thank you so much for your patience.

Anonymous: what happened to the daily Tony pics?

My laptop is dead and until I get a new one, and manage to recover the photos from my old one this blog is on hold. But, upon my return there will be multiple photos per day until the missed days are accounted for.

I’m sorry to say that due to my laptop going all Blue Screen Of Death on me there won’t be a new Tony pic posted here for an indeterminate amount of time. Please bear with me because when I get back I’ll be sure to do something special for you guys.

At his talk at Cardiff Comic Con 2013

The Dominion Cast on an Easter picnic in South Africa

Anthony Head, Angel Coulby and Warwick Davies at the opening of the Merlin Dragon tower.

From a photoshoot


I’ve been considering this project a lot lately, and as a person who likes to push things to the extent of what is possible in order to make them as awesome as possible I think the time limit of this project let us down a little bit. We had to cut corners, the book was a tiny A5 notebook, it was handwritten, people weren’t given time to consider what they wanted to say and the word didn’t get out to everyone who wanted to take part. So, being me, I’m relaunching this whole thing.

Welcome to the Thank You Project Mark 2 or TY2 for those who like abreviataions

(I was trying to come up with a clever name but I failed miserably, so this is what we’ve got.)


What is this badly named thing?

The TY2 Project is a project where fans of Anthony Head express their love.


Well, this is where it gets good and one ups the original project… Fans send in letters, of any length, unconstrained by word counts like the ones in the ASHBD Project. They can also send in their fan art or photos of themselves to go in the book too.

The book? I hear you ask.

Yes, the book, this is where it moves from one-upping the original project to blowing it away. The messages and fan works will be printed up as a fancy hard back book, like the ones full of arty photos of skyscrapers and what have you that you can find in posh hotels this book will be arty and full of graphic design and other prettiness along with your art and photos and messages and will be sent to Tony Head ready for his birthday on the 20th of February.

What if English isn’t my first language?

Don’t panic! I’ll happily proof read your messages, correct them, and send them back for you to approve the changes before including them in the book. If you really don’t want to send in a message however, that’s totally fine and you can just send in art, or a photo if you want, it’s totally up to you.

What if I sent in a message to the original project?

First off, that’s awesome of you, thanks for taking part in that crazy rushed thing. But, none of the messages from the original project will be included, if you want to send the same message just copy and paste it from the blog and send me it, if you want to write a new one, go you!

Will we be able to see this book?

YES! It will be available to download as a PDF after the project has finished so you can check out all of the Tony love for yourself.

Ok, this sounds cool, how do I get my message/art/photo/all-of-the-above to you so they are inlcuded?

Send them to my email address I will acknowledge receipt of every message so if I don’t something has gone wrong like an over active spam filter or something so try again or message me here so I can see if I can find it.

Thanks for reading and I hope you want to take part.

And questions, message me, or E-mail me.

Ohh look it’s a thing you should all take part in!

Anthony Head, Alyson Hannigan and Nicholas Brendon at a con.

At Battersea Dogs and Cats Home Gala.

Anthony Head and Katie McGrath representing Merlin at the Golden Nymph Awards.